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Kataria Infotech focuses primarily on software services outsourcing. The scope of our services is rather wide - from providing profiled offshore programmer teams and helping customers improve important processes through business process outsourcing up to implementing custom turn-key software solutions.

 Each of the categories embraces typical project activities that can be carried out to address customer's business case. Of course, there are no definite boundaries between the categories, and in most cases the final list of activities is defined for each project individually.

Delivered Business Value

Acting as a software services outsourcing partner, Kataria Infotech develops confident long-term business relations with its customers, enabling them to stay competitive and agile in today's global economy:
Gain flexibility and scalability in IT staffing

 Reduce costs on highly-competent IT resources and modern infrastructure

 Improve quality of software applications, products and solutions

 Optimize business processes, structure and control IT spending


To see what business opportunities Kataria Infotech can bring for your specific case, please feel free to contact us with any questions or initial documents to start your project discussion.

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